National Championship Highlights: Go Clemson!!!

Okay first let me admit I am a sucker for the underdog both teams and players and last night delivered some good feelings on both fronts: Here are a few of my highlights:

Clemson was the underdog by a touchdown or so and they won...YEAH!!! Coach Dabo Swinney himself the underdog was a walk on player at Alabama in his playing days and ultimately went on to win the National Championship. He is all heart and his postgame interviews were passionate and emotional (love it!)  Read the full story,amp.html?client=safari

My two favorite quotes: "Let the light in you shine brighter than the light on you" and "God doesn't save you from things; he saves you through them" ....

Half-time highlight Desmond Howard was a commentator and he had on a LOUD pinstripe blazer that was rockin' now I do have to say not sure that the striped shirt and spotted tie were quite the perfect match but I do love some clothes that scream oh yeah!!!

And then to close out the underdog scenario the winning touchdown was caught by Hunter Renfrow a one time walk on (high school baseball player) that stands 5'11'' and weighs 180lbs and was told he would never make the big time....well oh yeah between last year's championship game and this year's winning touchdown, he is BIG time alright.

I think we identify with folks and situations that are labeled "not enough" because all of us feel inadequate in some way (and many ways) so when unlikely winners; win we hope that for ourselves as well......Go Coach Dabo, Way to Go Tigers, and Go Hunter! Thanks for a satisfying end to a late night of college football!