I have a love hate with this word. When I taste something fabulous and say this is "perfection". The word is just right for the moment, satisfying and fits in every way. That fits the definition of perfection "being free from all flaws or defects". BUT the trouble starts when you look further into the definition that describes perfection this way," the action or process of improving something until it is faultless". And that my friends is where the trouble begins. You see perfection cant be achieved by our efforts, no matter how hard we try. Hmmm, so here is what I have decided: Number one it is okay to strive for perfection, but I need to accept good enough. Second I need to realize that we all fall short which helps me love others and myself in spite of our imperfections. Last note on perfection conundrum; celebrate success that comes regardless of those unique imperfections, because often I find those imperfections are the very things that make us fabulous.