Happy New Year!

Here is the thing about "unpacking" New Year's resolutions, it is like loading up the train for the train wreck (at least in my experience). Too much pressure, too all at once and waaaaaaay too high of expectations. What seems to work best for me is to look at the start of the year like your annual physical (that is when you actually make the appointment and keep it-ha). Usually three things occur around the time of my physical, which also apply to the start of a new year:

1. Take time to think-isn't it funny that we are thinking all of the time but it isn't always thoughtful thinking....does that make sense? Not just brain full of thoughts, but really stopping to say hey what has been going on, how do I feel about it and anything worth giving some extra thought? You do this in preparation for the form that will ask you how are you feeling, any new changes, any questions for the doctor....okay applies to life as well.

2. Then of course you have the appointment You have to keep the appointment, show up be present. Take the suggested tests, ask any questions you have, and maybe even talk to some additional folks....pretty much go through the "doctor drill". Same with the New Year. Most likely will talk to some peeps-maybe family, spouse, friends, small groups all will have some kind of New Year discussion. I usually end up noodling in my head a few questions, or some resolution someone I know has made and it makes me discuss, chew on and pray about as the new year kicks off.

3. Last you get the results, for instance oops cholesterol is over 200, anything I should do about it? What is best way to handle at this time. Action can be immediate or you over time get a plan, maybe a few months down the road just being more intentional and focused you realize some positive changes have occurred.....interesting how our actions most often follow our mind!

And low and behold a new year has started not too painful not a HUGE list of things that you will never do and then you feel defeated and bad about yourself, just a visit to the new year's doctor maybe a little painful booster shot, but on your way to better health .....Happy 2017!